SCA Heavy Equipment Pvt Ltd


Upgrades and Modernisation

SCA undertakes major Repair, Overhaul, Reconditioning, Upgrading& Modernizations of old & obsolete Material Handling Equipment’s like Medium/Heavy Fork Lift Trucks, Empty Container Trucks / Handlers, Reach Stackers& Aircraft Push Back Tractors. This involves apart from dismantling & Assembly, repair , overhaul or replacement of major aggregates like Spreader, Engine, Transmission, Axles, Tyres, Rims, Cylinders, Hydraulic Components such as Valves, Pumps, Filters, Steering Unit, Oil Coolers etc., Electrical system. Brake system, Radiator, Prop. Shaft, Cabin, Bearings, Batteries and many small components depending on the condition. After completion of this job, the equipment may be as good as new at half the cost of new Equipment.