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Empty Container Handlers

Empty Container Handlers
Empty Container Handler is a dedicated, custom designed Side Lift Trucks for handling of 20′ & 40′ Empty Containers at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Designed by employing Finite Element Methods, it has a special emphasis for optimum strength to weight ratio with unprecedented handling efficiency built in.
The all welded mnocoque Chassis is particularly designed to withstand high torsional stresses encountered while operating with Container on irregular and uneven surfaces.
Empty Container Handler isfitted with a Heavy Duty, full-visibility Mast made from high tensile strength Steel. The inner section telescopes with the outer section on larger diameter main rollers with a wide centre distance for stability & rigidity.
The machine is fitted with a telescopic side Spreader to accommodate both 20′ & 40′ long Containers. The telescopic Spreader fitted integrally to the Mast is manufactured from high tensile Steel to make this compact and lightweight Structure. The Spreader extension beams telescope into each other concentriczlly into the single Main Beam which make the spreaders’ design simple and perfectly balanced. The self centering twist locks are manufactured from finest alloy Steel and tested to guarantee safe operations. The Spreader with a lift capacity of 8 Tons is suitable for all types of empty Containers including Reefers.
Costing just half of loaded Container handler and with only 40 % of the running Costs, SCA Empty Container Handler ensures extremely lowest Total Cost of Ownership. This, in addition to other special features, make SCA Empty Container Handler an indispensable Equipment in all new generation Ports, Inland Container Depots, Container Freight Stations and Container Manufacturing / Reconditioning units. Empty Container Handler is available in 2 versions suitable for 3 high & 4 high stacking of 9′ 6″ Containers.