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Reach Stacker LCH-RS45-5

The field of Container handling essentially requires a 100 % Pick & Carry Equipments like Top Lift Trucks or Reach Stackers. Among these, Reach Stacker is the most preferred equipment for handling of loaded 20' & 40' Containers. With the experience gained from the manufacture and successful working of Fork Lift Trucks and Empty Container Handlers in the most demanding and difficult Indian conditions, SCA ventured with confidence into Reach Stackers.

FIRST 45 TON CAPACITY 20'/ 40' LOADED CONTAINER HANDLING REACH STACKER LCHRS45/5 OF SCA WAS LAUNCHED IN MARCH 2016. This Reach Stacker employs the latest design in the field of Container handling and is specially designed keeping in mind the 24 hour a day, 30 days a month working expected from the machine The design was also custom made taking into consideration the adverse and dusty climatic conditions of India, and tough operating parameters. These Reach Stackers have ushered in an era of high productivity combined with Economy. It is simple, robust, rugged, strong and reliable. This machine has a peak handling capacity of 6000 TEUs a month on a 16 hour/day basis


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